lördag 23 maj 2009


Here's Coffee Stain Studio's SGA entry trailer for Sanctum. Music by Gustaf Tivander.

I also created a 2d idle animation for our main character Skye. Enjoy!

söndag 10 maj 2009

2d Animation!

I love it. I could marry 2d animation. It's something about it that makes me wanna go crazy about it... mmm.

tisdag 31 mars 2009

31/3 - 2009

Today I continued on my turret model and i think this will turn out pretty well even thought we kind of miscalculated the ingame size of the thing. The construction work as follows: The turret is currently divided into 6 pieces: Body, 2 guns (on side), supporting Gatling gun in body, a protective cover that surrounds the turret and finally a top cover that also work as a floor panel.

söndag 29 mars 2009

Something awful

I got inspired by a thread on somethingawful.com called "classy games". It's all about making retro looking covers for all sorts of games. And so I made my own piece on the famuos aircombat game "Crimson Skies". Made it for giggles, nothing more to it.

tisdag 24 mars 2009

Hi all, currently working on some turret concepts. Since it's sort of the games most important thing, this is gonna go through a lot of iterations before we can call it a final.

Yesterday we finally decided the name of the game - Sanctum.

And yeah, where currently putting up a website and wiki. Exciting!

torsdag 19 mars 2009

Good day to all you happy people out there!

Well, since this is my first blog ever, I'm gonna give you some nice and pretty concept art to look at. This is a few pieces made for an upcoming computer game that I'm currently working on. I wish for good luck and hopefully some future kickass game will hit our stores someday. Enjoy!